Check out some cool poems!

Check out some awesome stuff from my poetry book, OTRONAUT! I am posting some of those poems for you and if you like them, go ahead and buy the book! Use the coupon code resist to get 50% off of the original price of 9.99! All poems below by Andres Diaz and are ©2017 The... Continue Reading →

You can do it!

Andres Diaz wanted to release the music and music videos of his experimental music project, Karnstein, so he founded Fantasma Verde Records. Then he decided to start publishing his writings, so he created the Fantasma Verde Group to cover everything he released! He didn't go begging big corporations to help him! He decided to do... Continue Reading →

Get 30% off of our books!

One of the many advantages to selling my books on Payhip is that I can offer my customers a discount when they share one of my books on social media! When you visit each book page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a rectangular button that says, "Share &... Continue Reading →

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