The Last Corpse on the Left – Part One

Welcome to the first in a long line of weekly #wednesdayreads! This week starts off with Part One of the first Medlow Staur adventure, "The Last Corpse on the Left". The Last Corpse on the Left ©2017 All rights reserved. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner... Continue Reading →


Price Reduction!

Read the adventures of openly bisexual protaganist, Medlow Staur! #PrideMonth #Pride2018 #bisexual #Albany #CapitalRegion Also check out Of Plants and Men, for FREE in PDF or Epub formats! Get all four Medlow Staur stories in one place! The Adventures of Medlow Staur is available for 2.99! CLICK HERE TO BUY THEM!

Our latest release!

The Adventures of Medlow Staur by Andres Diaz The Adventures of Medlow Staur is a collection of all four previously published Medlow Staur adventures, all in one book! These four stories chronicle the adventures of bisexual, intergalactic adventurer and entrepreneur, Medlow Staur, as he fights to survive in a universe where the deck is stacked... Continue Reading →

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