Old Mr. Robertson

Old Mr. Robertson (A Parody) by Andres Diaz Copyright 2019 Old Mr. Robertson Hates them gays He hates them all And their fabulous ways He hates their style He hates their class He hates that no man Wants his wrinkly old ass He hates their pride He hates their flag He hates the paper cuts... Continue Reading →

Mike Huckabee is a fake Christian!

The Hustling Bee by Andres Diaz Copyright 2017 The Hustling Bee has no compassion for the poor He knows of no kindness No tolerance No love But his faith in his Lord is strong He claims his Lord is Jesus Christ J.C. doesn't know him J.C. doesn't want to know him J.C. only talks to... Continue Reading →


A Happy and Blessed Mabon to all of us who who celebrate it! #Mabon #AutumnEquinox #FirstDayofFall #upstateny

Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice to all of us that celebrate it! Under the picture is a link to a website explaining our holiday, also known as Litha. READ ABOUT LITHA, HERE! #summersolstice #paganism #paganproud #paganpride #litha #midsummer #solstice

It does affect you/History repeats!

It does affect you! by Andres Diaz Copyright 2017 Ignorance is inexcusable Thinking is absolutely necessary Don’t you know that things do affect you? Overall it may not be directly Everyone thinks it won’t matter Suddenly their world is turned asunder Everyone you know can be affected Fighting for rights you already have Forgetting your... Continue Reading →

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