Stop Calling Us Latinx!

Stop calling us Latinx! by Andres Diaz Stop calling us Latinx you idiots in the media! We are not Latinx! Whoever started this shit needs to go back and learn how Spanish works! Latino covers all genders and gender identities! Because it ends in "O" you automatically assume it means male?! Well a lot of … Continue reading Stop Calling Us Latinx!

The Fossil

The Fossil by Andres Diaz ©2021 I'm so sorry that your white empire is crumbling But you have to admit how pathetic you are Taking pride in the color of your skin and the priviledges it affords you When your only accomplishment is having white skin That's pretty fucking sad You probably think that one … Continue reading The Fossil

It does affect you/History repeats!

It does affect you! by Andres Diaz Copyright 2017 Ignorance is inexcusable Thinking is absolutely necessary Don’t you know that things do affect you? Overall it may not be directly Everyone thinks it won’t matter Suddenly their world is turned asunder Everyone you know can be affected Fighting for rights you already have Forgetting your … Continue reading It does affect you/History repeats!