Oh, ha ha

Oh, ha haby Andres Diaz¬©2021 Oh, ha haOh, ha haYou think you're so goodThe supreme queen beeOh, honey, your hive is rottenYour drones aren't up to snuffYou think you have it allMaybe in your sheltered world you doBut this is the real world, ladyAnd in the real world, you are nothingIn the real world you … Continue reading Oh, ha ha

I’m tired of you! (A poem)

I'm tired of you! by Andres Diaz ¬©2020 Roses are Red Violets are Blue You're an unempathetic bastard Fucking screw you You think the world revolves Around your bitter old ass Always wondering why You're the one that people pass You're a walking piece of shit That everyone hates Your wretched behavior On everyone's nerves … Continue reading I’m tired of you! (A poem)