Happy Thorsday!

Thursday was named after the Norse god, Thor, who held dominion over thunder, lightning, fertility and was the protector of mankind. Read more about him, here.

The Paranoid Cyborg

Name: Fast Phrenkie Occupation: Cyberneticist Homeworld: Vreegan Species: Human Bio: Phrenkie Plungoh was a lifelong student of robotics and other mechanical devices. Considering himself to be one of the most exceptional students of robotics, Phrenkie's skills were considered average at best by his teachers. Wanting to prove to his professors, his supreme control of mechanical … Continue reading The Paranoid Cyborg

Check out some cool poems!

Check out some awesome stuff from my poetry book, OTRONAUT! I am posting some of those poems for you and if you like them, go ahead and buy the book! Use the coupon code resist to get 50% off of the original price of 9.99! All poems below by Andres Diaz and are ©2017 The … Continue reading Check out some cool poems!

Tales from the Afterworld

Here is the very first story from my Tales from the Afterworld series. Please see my notes after the story for further details. Back For More by Andres Diaz Copyright 2018 The city of Gaia, Kenya, Earth Mid Thirty First Century C.E. Nanette Pahlavi, sat at her desk working when her aide burst through the … Continue reading Tales from the Afterworld