It’s not going to eat itself.

It's not going to eat itself by Andres Diaz ©2019 The young girl sat on the seat in the subway car as the train sped down the track. She was so scared she couldn't move. She wanted to run but was afraid he would grab her and hurt her. He stood in front of her, … Continue reading It’s not going to eat itself.


Merciful Bounty by Andres Diaz ©2019 The planet Ryban Messier 81 galaxy Mid Thirty First Century C.E. "Name?" asked a robot that Raven felt looked extremely bored, which was extremely weird because its face only had two eyes and a slit for a mouth. "Raven Venetrix," she answered. "Any relation to Raven Underwood?" the robot … Continue reading MERCIFUL BOUNTY

You’re rude with no people skills

You're rude with no people skills by Andres Diaz ©2019 Rude with no people skills, you rule your world Slamming your way through life, your sails unfurled Unfurled sails are easily ripped, your forward venture is a bad trip You think you're smarter than everyone else around Things look pretty when your head's underground Underground … Continue reading You’re rude with no people skills