Once and for All

Once and for All by Andres Diaz ©2021 The GOP doesn't want equalityThey want dominationThey want women to be HandmaidsMinorities to be slavesPoor whites to be serfsThey want a world of conformityWhere we all bow down and worshipCIS gender, hetero, white, Christian malesThey want us to forgetThat a lot of Republicans are secretly gayHave their … Continue reading Once and for All


Fuck your entitlement by Andres Diaz Copyright 2017 Forgetting you're just another cog in the machine Upset that you don't get your way Can't imagine the plight of others Kill anyone that doesn't live up to your standards Yelling until you get your way Obnoxious people that won't kow tow to you Ugly reminder of … Continue reading F*** YOUR ENTITLMENT