Take your clique and shove it!

Take your clique and shove it! by Andres Diaz ©2017 People like you are killing the scene The way you behave is so obscene You want to rule the scene without dissension But all you create is a bunch of tension You expect everybody to fit your mold And do exactly what they're told If … Continue reading Take your clique and shove it!

My nightmare is over

My nightmare is overby Andres Diaz ©2021 My nightmare is overThe cowards are goneThey underestimated my powerUnderestimated my strengthMy tenacityThey envied my courageMy knowledgeMy kindnessMy generosityMy gentlemanly natureMy caringMy compassionMy charismaThey could never match upA deeper pit of Hell, I have never traversedA den of harassmentOf inequalityOf hatredOf apathyOf negligenceEven though I was the heroThey … Continue reading My nightmare is over