It does affect you/History repeats!

It does affect you! by Andres Diaz Copyright 2017 Ignorance is inexcusable Thinking is absolutely necessary Don’t you know that things do affect you? Overall it may not be directly Everyone thinks it won’t matter Suddenly their world is turned asunder Everyone you know can be affected Fighting for rights you already have Forgetting your... Continue Reading →


Impeach Lindsey Graham!

Just because someone dresses nice and speaks well, doesn't mean they're not a vile, backstabbing crook! Graham Cracker Crumbles The well dressed crook From the Carolina of the South Lies are the only things That escape from his mouth He chooses party over country Faster than Trump lies All while hiding his evil Under a... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Needs to Go!

Here are a couple of poems about the wanna-be Fuhrer, #DonaldTrump, that #Russia installed and has a corrupt and complicit #GOP protecting him! The longer that fascist idiot is in charge the harder it's going to be to pull America from the edge of destruction! The Trumperor's New Con Oh Donald, oh Donald Where for... Continue Reading →

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