The Ted Cruz Poem

The Ted Cruz Poemby Andres DiazĀ©2021 RafaelWhat the Hell?You self hating LatinoYou need to fucking goYou broke your oathTo the Constitution for growth?Growth in a party of evilWith tortures of the medievalConsorting with terrorist scumIs that the only way you can cum?You antagonized a mobFor an orange conman slobYou have the nerve to show your … Continue reading The Ted Cruz Poem

Buy Andres’ books from Google Play!

Breaking News! You can now buy my books from Google Play! Five books are available, which are, Otronaut, The Place of Small Pines, The Last Corpse on the Left, Showdown at Starbase Zero and Strangers from the Sky: A Medlow Staur Adventure (Second Edition)! I am still selling my books on Kobo, as well as … Continue reading Buy Andres’ books from Google Play!

Happy Winter Solstice!

A Happy and Blessed Winter Solstice to all my fellow witches and pagans who celebrate it! I found an article that can help you learn about this holiday. I've been Pagan/ Witch for about 20 years now. I don't talk about it as much as I do other things. Maybe it's time I start.

I’m so tired of toxic Star Wars fans.

It's been three years and there is still this unmitigated hatred for Rian Johnson and I just don't get it! Is it because Rian made a Star Wars movie that made you think? Is it because he made a Star Wars movie unlike the other movies that had come before? Is it because he introduced … Continue reading I’m so tired of toxic Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Toys Price Gougers

As promised, here is my little spiel/rant about toy price gougers. Star Wars Galactic Republic Celebrate the Saga Action Figure Set 5 Pack I bought this for my son for his coming birthday and paid $24.99 on Amazon for this. Right now on Amazon they have one seller, selling this with a damaged package for … Continue reading Star Wars Toys Price Gougers

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Below is an excerpt from Strangers from the Sky: A Medlow Staur adventure by Andres Diaz Copyright 2018, 2019 All rights reserved. My next step was to look for what I needed most, clothing and supplies. There was a sign over one of the doors in seven languages. I was able to translate one of … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2020!