“Pro-Life” Women

I find it both heartbreaking and disgusting that there are some women out there that support the destruction of Roe vs. Wade! These women have no empathy or respect for their fellow women! Some women praising the destruction of the right to choose that I've seen are post menopausal bitches who probably think, "I'm post … Continue reading “Pro-Life” Women

Pro-Life Men

Pro-Life Men by Andres Diaz ©2022 Psychologically Unbalanced Religious fanatics Obnoxious shitbags Liars Insipid dildos Fucking control freaks Egomaniacal Ass-hats Misogynistic Pricks Everyone must obey them Nazis ------------------ Prolife men only care about controlling women, not the unborn. If they were prolife, they'd be pro school lunchs, pro clean air, pro safe food, etc.