Who is Medlow Staur?
Medlow Staur was a character I created back in High School for a creative writing course I was taking. His first name, Medlow, was something that just came to me. His last name, Staur, was taken from the Staurikosaurus, one of the earliest dinosaurs. It lived in South America millions of years ago. I’ve always loved dinosaurs! Medlow Staur was initially inspired by two different characters. The first was Spaceman Spiff, one of Calvin’s alter-egos, from the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. The other was my favorite hard boiled detective of all time, Race Williams. Race Williams was created by Carroll John Daly and first appeared in the short story, Knights of the Open Palm. Race Williams was a tough talking, fast shooting guy that didn’t take crap from anybody.

After many years I decided to bring Medlow out of retirement and start using him again. His first return appearance was in a short poem I wrote, which is now available in the poetry collection, OTRONAUT.

You can get OTRONAUT in either PDF or Epub format here.

He next appeared in The Last Corpse on the Left, which is available in PDF and EPUB formats. The story starts on the planet Hrodahk 5, where Medlow Staur has been working as a private detective, trying to make enough to get his ship repaired. An unexpected visitor forces Medlow on to a trail that leads him to the enigmatic Elohim and a confrontation with the infamous terror of Victorian London, Spring-Heeled Jack.
Immediately following this story is the second Medlow Staur story I wrote. It is called Showdown at Starbase Zero and is also available in PDF and EPUB formats. Starbase Zero is one of many starbases that surround the Milky Way Galaxy. These starbases are the first port of call for ships arriving in the Milky Way from other galaxies. Once he arrives, Medlow is betrayed and captured by old enemies from his home planet of Quinthos, that he had been running from his entire adult life. Orphaned as an infant, Medlow never knew his parents. Even though he was raised as a ward of the fascist, anti-alien state, Medlow rebelled and escaped. Now flooded with memories of the past, including memories of the physical, mental and emotional abuse he endured in his youth, Medlow has to find the strength to fight back and escape before the radiation storm hits the starbase.

Medlow Staur is a mixture of pretty much everyone on Earth. His ancestors came from every continent and escaped enslavement hundreds of years ago. They landed on the planet Quinthos, where they set up a colony and thrived before dark forces started to take control.

Below is a pie chart showing where Medlow Staur’s ancestor came from.

chart 2

Medlow Staur is also openly bisexual and hates how some people look at him like he’s a leper when he tells someone he’s bisexual. Medlow believes love is love and has been involved with many different people, in many different kinds of relationships over the years. There are more adventures coming, so stay tuned!