Originally released by Fantasma Verde Records, La Vida Nocturna was a series of short videos that blended comedy, music, photography and photoshop art. The videos were meant to be fun and entertaining and a new way to share Andres Diaz’s many talents. The videos were created using original footage shot by Andres Diaz himself, Karnstein music videos and scenes from public domain videos and movies.

The videos were first released in Two Thousand Twelve and spanned two seasons. Because Fantasma Verde Records is now under the control of the Fantasma Verde Group, all La Vida Nocturna episodes were removed from Fantasma Verde Records’ YouTube channel before it was shut down.
The previously created episodes of La Vida Nocturna will be re-edited and restructured into a more uniform length. These restructured videos will be re-released on Fantasma Verde Group’s official Youtube channel in the future.

Currently La Vida Nocturna is on hiatus while Andres Diaz focuses on his writing projects.

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