Saturday Night Tome

Saturday Night Tome by Andres Diaz ©2021 It's Saturday night and I have a tale to tell It will ring louder than the midnight bell The land is ancient Its trees are bent The sky is black with pin pricks of light The moon casts long shadows causing great fright The strange sounds surround Footsteps … Continue reading Saturday Night Tome

Nobody wants to read anymore

Nobody wants to read anymore by Andres Diaz, ©2019 Nobody wants to read anymore They just think reading is a bore So many people falling into the trap Of filling their heads with useless crap So much entertainment is to be found If they just pulled their heads out of the ground People like me … Continue reading Nobody wants to read anymore

Dinner with Dracula

Dinner with Dracula by Andres Diaz ©2017 Good evening guests Please don't shout It was just the wind That blew the candles out Make yourself at home Enjoy your stay But hide your crucifixes They keep me at bay Take a seat Eat your meal You'll need a full stomach For when shit gets real … Continue reading Dinner with Dracula