Notre Dame

What happened in Notre Dame yesterday broke my heart. Watching the cathedral which stood for hundreds of years burn was so sad. I started tearing up as I watched the spire collapse. So much time and effort went into making the cathedral at a time before power tools and heavy machinery. It will be rebuilt... Continue Reading →

It’s time to vote out the trash!

Save America by voting blue! Stop Trump now or we'll all be stuck in Nazi Germany! Brought to you by Andres Diaz, a proud member of, The Resistance! #theresistance #voteblue #vote #votebluetosaveamerica #stoptrump #stopgop #electionday #electionday2018

It does affect you/History repeats!

It does affect you! by Andres Diaz Copyright 2017 Ignorance is inexcusable Thinking is absolutely necessary Don’t you know that things do affect you? Overall it may not be directly Everyone thinks it won’t matter Suddenly their world is turned asunder Everyone you know can be affected Fighting for rights you already have Forgetting your... Continue Reading →

Check out some cool poems!

Check out some awesome stuff from my poetry book, OTRONAUT! I am posting some of those poems for you and if you like them, go ahead and buy the book! Use the coupon code resist to get 50% off of the original price of 9.99! All poems below by Andres Diaz and are ©2017 The... Continue Reading →

The End of the Guardian

THE END OF THE GUARDIAN For millennia you stood Watching as the world changed around you You stood there in the presence of many Of both kings and commoners In times of war and of peace In times of invasion and innovation Your majesty inspired awe And when the world changed And the men that... Continue Reading →

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