Bardic Bombardment

Bardic Bombardmentby Andres Diaz ©2021 Now is the winter of your discontentWith no glorius summer behind itWas that a dagger before your hand?What happened when you made to grasp it?You dastardly righteous people and your concocted mourningYou meant to bury Caesar not to praise himYou being wrought perplex'd in the extremeYou've robbed yourself and spent … Continue reading Bardic Bombardment

Karnstein’s 20th Anniversary

For those of you that may not know, I have an Experimental music project called, Karnstein, after the Countess Mircalla of Karnstein from the novella, Carmilla. For more details and history about Karnstein, click here! Karnstein was founded in 2001 and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my project, I'm releasing selected songs on to … Continue reading Karnstein’s 20th Anniversary