Where the eagle dares

Where the eagle daresby Andres Diaz©2021 The eagle will fly higher than all the restReady to prove that he is the bestHis wings flap with amazing graceAnd signals others to give him spaceThe eagle goes about his daily taskBetter to leave him be than to askTo his perch the eagle arrivesAs the others go about … Continue reading Where the eagle dares

Sometimes… Andres Diaz©2021 Sometimes I wonderWhat might have beenSometimes I wonderWhy you liedWhy you broke my heartWhy you played with my headWhy you left me standing in the rainWhy the tears wouldn't stopWhy I wanted to wake up deadWas it worth it?Playing with my heartPlaying with my headI gave you my heartI gave you my … Continue reading Sometimes…

I am still here

I am still hereby Andres Diaz©2021 I am the Countess Mircalla of KarnsteinI am the one that Styria forgotI go by many namesMarcilla, MillarcaAnd of course, CarmillaMany have tried to destroy meAnd none have succeededGive up your quest for my destructionYou will only end up destroying yourself.

Karnstein’s 20th Anniversary

For those of you that may not know, I have an Experimental music project called, Karnstein, after the Countess Mircalla of Karnstein from the novella, Carmilla. For more details and history about Karnstein, click here! Karnstein was founded in 2001 and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my project, I'm releasing selected songs on to … Continue reading Karnstein’s 20th Anniversary