The Minion (Strong Language Warning)

The Minion by Andres Diaz ©2021 You're nothing more than a minion, you're not hot shit Dreaming of the Duchess always got you chomping at the bit Your simping for her was fucking pathetic If she fucked you, she would have been a lunatic You were always around her like some creepy stalker It's amazing … Continue reading The Minion (Strong Language Warning)


Deathsantis by Andres Diaz ©2021 Dooming an entire state Everyone must die Attacking reputable science Totalitarian wannabe Humping Trump's balls with his mouth Satan himself wants no part of your evil Anyone not white, Xtian, cis male is a problem No one tells me what to do Total desolation of character Idiot needs to be … Continue reading Deathsantis