Our founder, Andres Diaz

Photo credit: Mrs. Diaz

Andres Diaz is the founder of the Fantasma Verde Group, a group he created to release his writing as well as previous and future projects. A self-published, independent writer of Puerto Rican descent, Andres Diaz is also a poet, a photographer and an artist. He is also the founder of Fantasma Verde Records, which releases the work of his experimental music project, Karnstein and he also makes their music videos as well.

In addition to his projects, Andres Diaz also loves history, science, the outdoors, art and educational pursuits. He is an Old School Goth with a long and deep love forĀ Gothic and Industrial music, the Gothic subculture and dark things. He loves vampires, cemeteries and classic horror movies from the 1920’s to the early 1970’s, like the Universal Monsters and Hammer Studios films. He also loves science fiction shows and movies and his writings are highly influenced by them.

Andres Diaz chooses to walk his own path and self release and self publish his own works. Andres has little use for the conventions and traditions of publishing and releasing works. He has a d.i.y. approach and he likes it that way.

Andres Diaz hopes to influence others to stand up for themselves and to create and release their own works, without feeling like they need the mainstream or corporate backing to succeed.