Stop calling us Latinx! by Andres Diaz

Stop calling us Latinx you idiots in the media! We are not Latinx! Whoever started this shit needs to go back and learn how Spanish works! Latino covers all genders and gender identities! Because it ends in “O” you automatically assume it means male?! Well a lot of Spanish words end in O, should we change them too? Manos (hands), should we change it to Manxs to not offend anybody?! How about caballo, ninos and ojo? Are we going to start spelling them as caballx, ninxs and ojx? How about words that end in “A”(feminine)? Will we have to change casa, vaca and cara to erase gender? How stupid does casx, vacx and carx sound and look? You idiots are trying to eradicate a whole fucking language with your stupid slur! Fuck you gringos, stay out of our langauge! And if it is true that non-binary Latinos started this shit, learn your fucking language! I have no issues with any genders/orientations/sexualities/etc. I have problems with stupid people fucking with my Latino heritage and the heritage of my fellow Latinos! Stop using #latinx, it is not a word, it is a slur!😡

Talk to us Latinos and ask us what we want to be called! And it is NOT Latinx! Don’t just call us whatever YOU want! Have some respect for the Latino people! Don’t just assume!