Firstly, you…

by Andres Diaz ©2022

The queen of vanity

Stop your insanity

The goth barbie and her wigs

Your words will slaughter those pigs

Do you know what is real or a lie

If you think too much, your brain might fry

Reality and fantasy are one and the same

In your little world, who is next to blame?

I’m glad your gone, now I have to rest

A life without you is a life that I love best.


Almost 15 years ago

by Andres Diaz ©2022

Almost fifteen years ago I left the scene

Because you assholes had to be so fucking mean

You all thought you had the world in your hands

But your world melted like a snowman in the desert sands

Your lives fell apart and sent you flying

You all got to feel what I felt dying

Your homes shattered, your friendships lost

Your romantic relationships got totally tossed

I was away, I left you behind

I was so much happier without you on my mind

I know what happened, the results were clear

But alas, the hows and the why have never come near

Maybe I’ll get some answers as to whatever went on

Maybe I never will, know the end of your con

Karma took you down a lot, so I’ll have to make due

Knowing that sometimes there is justice for you know who.