This is a nonspoiler post.

I left Twitter today because of asshole Star Wars fans. No, not the racist, misogynistic dudebros, but because of the “good” Star Wars fans. The ones that claim they love all of Star Wars, but give 0 out of 10 to TBOBF. The person that threw me over the edge shall remain nameless and needs to stop fantasizing about that long haired, wanna be Sith Lord from the sequels. I’m sorry that television is not all instant rewards, pew pew pew and unnecessary romances. Were you pissed off your “ship” of Fennic and Boba didn’t happen? Real life, fool, not everyone ends up together. And to those fuckwits that think Robert Rodriguez should not be allowed to direct Star Wars? Fuck you! He is doing a great job, Ep. 3 was sweeeet! And you don’t like what’s done with the Tuskens? Did you just want them to be generic, faceless monsters so you could feel good about people killing them? Or does it make you feel uncomfortable because you’re seeing what indigenous people the world over have had to deal with because of colonizers? Tough shit, deal with it! Your being uncomfortable is nothing compared to the rape, forced conversion, slavery and genocide indigenous people all over the world have had to suffer!

TBOBF is a great show! You want Star Wars to exist, but also feel a need to tear it down because it doesn’t fit your standards? You can’t have it both ways and you sound like a dudebro! I grew up where we had no live action Star Wars from 1984 (Ewok movies) until 1999! And don’t you understand anything about how television was before the age of internet and binge watching everything? Shows were done weekly and if you missed an episode you couldn’t just go to the streaming channel or YouTube to catch up! If this format doesn’t work for you then wait for all the episodes to come out and then binge watch it! I am so fucking mad, because someone I thought was a cool Star Wars turned out to be a piece of shit! And it also pisses me off that it was all white people complaining about Robert Rodriguez’s directing! Racist against us Latinos much? Even though they will deny, there’s a lot of racist Star Wars fans, they’re just not as loud as the dudebros. Fuck racism, fuck the dumbass Star Wars fans that don’t know how real life works! I’m glad I’m off social media now! Now I can enjoy Ep. 4 of TBOBF without the negativity and stupidity of other Star Wars fans!

I have been a Star Wars fan longer than that little twit has been alive and most of the other twits that pissed me off today! I’m not going to let any of you little shits ruin Star Wars for me! I love all Star Wars, canon, non-canon, the good, the bad, all off it. I’m tired of all the negativity from both sides! You all are not special and some of your ideas are shit! Go pound sand and stay out of my way!