I’ve Forgiven You by Andres Diaz ©2021

My dear friend

I’ve forgiven you for the pain you caused me

Forgiven you for your jealousy

I am sorry things didn’t work out

And for any pain or embarrassment I may have caused you

I know that the strife between us is over

It is tough to get past it, I know

That night

When you, your girlfriend and her minion showed up

How you got him to finally dress all in black, I’ll never know

The three of you stormed up the club stairs

Unleashing a psychic wall of rage

It hurt me deeply

I had to go home early that night

Your hate was overpowering

But when I got home, I did not cry

I sat there stunned

Unable to speak any words

But all that is over now

I did find out some things that happened after we split apart

I am a good detective after all

I’m sorry you lost your girlfriend

I’m sorry you lost your house

I like that you are enjoying nature and the outdoors

I see some of me has rubbed off on you

I understand you not responding to my communication a few years back

You have your new world

And I have mine

I hope everything goes well for you

I miss you my old friend

I truly do.