I’ve often thought to myself, what would be a good playlist to give to someone who you wanted to introduce them to Gothic and Industrial music? The playlist below is a combination of Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Post Punk, EBM, Synthpop and other genres that I feel represent the “Beauty in Darkness” aspect. I based this playlist on my own personal likes and feelings. There are other songs and bands I could have put on here, but I wanted to narrow the focus the songs that speak of experience and feelings of being a Goth. I know there’s some Industrial in here, but I enjoy both genres, so deal with it. 😂

I made it a short playlist as most people won’t sit down and listen to thirty plus songs unless you’re already a fan of the mudic. So here we go, in no particular order:

Rome Burns “Non-Specific Ghost Story”

Neon Zoo “Darkest Dance”

Children on Stun “Sidelined”

Eco “Hass & Liebe (Emotional Edit)”

Genital A-Tech “Dich Zu Lieben”

Ego Likeness “Water to the Dead”

Switchblade Symphony “Naked Birthday (Gothtastic Mix)”

Hocico “Forgotten Tears”

Nosferatu “The Haunting (Main Mix)”

Beborn Beton “Another World”

DavaNtage “Cold”

Good Courage “I’m Not There (Extended Mix)”

Bauhaus “She’s in Parties”

God Module “E.V.P.”

London After Midnight “Shatter”

Faithful Dawn “I Am Nothing (Harvey Summers Mix)”

Blutengel “Black Roses (Single Edit v.2)

The Crüxshadows “Love/Tragedy”

Cyberaktif “Nothing Stays The Same (LP Version)”

Cyber-Tec Project “Let Your Body Die (Catatonic Dance Mix By B6)”

Icon of Coil “Shelter”

Kevorkian Death Cycle “Eclipse”

Leæther Strip “Will The Sun Return?”

A Split Second “Rigor Mortis (LP Version)”

Ministry “Every Day is Halloween”

Suicide Commando “Save Me”

L’Âme Immortelle “Forgive Me (In Strict Confidence Mix)”

The Birthday Massacre “Looking Glass”