These Poems by Andres Diaz ©2021

These poems are not what you expect

These poems will cause your expectations to be wrecked

These poems have cursing, politics, religion and stuff

Strap yourself in, things are going to get rough

In the future there may be talk of sex

Which is an issue that people may vex

These are poems for adults and not by the norms

Of various entities of hatred filled swarms

I will speak out for others who can’t do so themselves

People ignored and left on back shelves

This just me being nice and giving you fair warning

I may vent my frustation and things I am mourning

The world is not a happy place

Sometimes it likes to take a piss on our face

So if I’ve offended you with anything I’ve written

Or if it was by my words that you were bitten

I am sorry that I have caused you any harm

But allow me to say this, I hope with some charm

This is my blog and it is my space

To write the things I need to in this place

If you don’t like it, write your own blog

And don’t level your criticism at me, going whole hog

This is the final word of warning I give to you

And it is the last one, I assure you too.