READ THIS POEM by Andres Diaz ©2021

I can’t promise you that by reading this poem

That you will grow your hair back

Or win the lottery

Or not get indigestion

I can promise you it will make time pass

Much like the time machine I built

It’s a grand machine

It encompasses the entire Earth

You’re inside it even now

It only goes forward in time one second at a time

I’m sure you noticed that

That’s not the point

The point is

You should read this poem because you will like it

Or you won’t

It’s all immaterial to me at this point in my life

It is true what they say

The older you get, the less shits you give

But do continue to read this poem

If you can get past that nasty, dirty swear word

There are some that feel swear words have no place in poetry

That they will stop listening or reading if there’s a swear word

Can you imagine being that fucking useless of a person

That the tiniest little thing that you disagree with in a poem

Makes you shut down like a car in a horror movie as the killer approaches?

I don’t write poetry to be like Walt Whitman

Or Robert Frost

I wouldn’t mind being like Edgar Allen Poe

Minus the poverty and alcoholism, of course

I always dreamed people would read my poems and enjoy them

So far very few people seem to like them

I was hoping for a great many more

Maybe I’ll be famous after I’m dead

At least my descendants will be able to make money off my work

But I’m not dead yet and I’m not planning on being any time soon

So read this poem

And all the others I write

And enjoy them

Because for the sake of the gods and goddesses, somebody needs to and why shouldn’t it be you?