The Life of a Viking by Andres Diaz ©2017

In the king’s hall plans are made

For when the spring comes they will raid

The foreign lands are rich with gold

But in order to profit one must be bold

A dangerous trip across the sea must be made

To arrive at the land of forest and glade

There they will go to achieve their glory

And when they return they will tell their story

Of enemies fought and things they’ve taken

The next morning after they awaken

They go back to their farms and continue their lives

Working alongside their children and wives

When they’re not raiding they’re just regular folk

Working with oxen tied to a yolk

A humble existence when they are at home

But they become giants when they start to roam

Adventure and glory are always on their mind

While they work together to strengthen the ties that bind

A better life is all they seek

But it will never come to those that are meek.

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