Once and for All by Andres Diaz ©2021

The GOP doesn’t want equality
They want domination
They want women to be Handmaids
Minorities to be slaves
Poor whites to be serfs
They want a world of conformity
Where we all bow down and worship
CIS gender, hetero, white, Christian males
They want us to forget
That a lot of Republicans are secretly gay
Have their own gender issues
Are minorities or mixed ethnicity
And they wouldn’t know who Jesus was
If Christ himself punched them in the nuts
The GOP is a terrorist organization
Trying to steal votes
Force their twisted up religion on us
Control women’s bodies
And keep us minorities from being equal
They think they have power over all life
They only have power over death
We on the left worship life
And love
We will win
And the GOP and their terrorist army
Will be defeated
Once and for all.