Fuck the Rich
by Andres Diaz ©2021

So you think you’re so much better than everyone else

Because you have a lot of money

You expect preferential treatment

Because you have a lot of money

You expect people to look up to you

Because you have a lot of money

Well let me fuck your world right in the ear

You ain’t shit

Just because you have a lot of money

Doesn’t mean you’re better than everyone else

It doesn’t mean you’re more worthy than anybody else

Fuck you

Fuck your money

Fuck the soulless cadaver you walk around in

I don’t give a flying fuck how much money you got 

You ain’t nobody

You ain’t nothing

And fuck anybody that worships you cause you’re rich

Cause you think you’re high end

They’re idiots for worshipping you

For bending over backwards to lick your asses

And hope some dollars fall out

A real person should be judged by their character 

By their words and deeds, not by their wallets

Fuck all y’all rich folk

Screwing over us poor people

You can all fuck off and go to Hell

I’m done with y’all!