Oh, ha ha
by Andres Diaz

Oh, ha ha
Oh, ha ha
You think you’re so good
The supreme queen bee
Oh, honey, your hive is rotten
Your drones aren’t up to snuff
You think you have it all
Maybe in your sheltered world you do
But this is the real world, lady
And in the real world, you are nothing
In the real world you could not survive
Your ego would not be tolerated
You would not have the position you have
You don’t want to be saddled with problems
You just want to sit on your ivory covered throne
And ignore the rusty metal under the ivory
Lie about me all you want
The truth always comes out
Your hatred of me will be your undoing
Your passive aggressive tendencies are a joke
Your existence in your world is a joke
We all see it
Why can’t you?