It’s the end by Andres Diaz ©2021

It’s the end of this toxic mess
This evil Hellhole that makes me depress
Now that I’m gone, I can heal
No longer pressed under your wheel
I suffered and suffered and now I’m free
To the greater horizon that I see
Do you really think I’ll ever come back?
You simple fools and your thought processes quite whack
I wouldn’t come back if I needed to
There are other jobs that I could do
You can talk shit about me all you want
Until you’re eighty years old and looking gaunt
I am the man that you detest
Because I remind you that you’re not the best
I want to fix things that are going wrong
But you only want to listen to your song
The song of all glories and never pain
You hate me because it’s on your parade I rain
Your vengeful ways only hurt yourself
Of hatred and misery you have wealth
You tried to hurt me at every turn
You wanted to see my ashes in an urn
Now that I’m gone, the fun begins
When you finally have to pay for your sins
Passive aggresive babies preying on the weak
You run and hide when your victims stand up and speak
Control what you can, destroy what you can’t
You only like those as smart as a potted plant
I have style, I have grace
But I’ve never thrown it in your face
My class and my manners are one of a kind
In your world of hatefilled grind
Remember me as the man I forever will be
A person so good, not your enemy
But in your world I’ve torn apart
You think I’m a villain with a black heart
Well this villain has been heaped with praise
While you act like a rat in a maze
People loved me you’ll never take that away
But now it is time to end the fray
You are a clan immoral and doomed to fail
Your ship is sinking and you have no pail
You thought you could destroy me, how quaint
Because I wouldn’t be your enslaved little saint
And now this poem ends with a quote most apropos
It was said by Nietzsche, so you know
You can not hurt me any longer
Because “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”