The Man on the Hill
by Andres Diaz ©2021

The man on the hill
Stands above the rest
Looking below him
He has but one task left
Looking at me, he begins his speech
Tomorrow is the day, he starts
I will not be a candle brief
I may sound paranoid
But it is not I, who has tasted the insane root
The one that imprisons reason
I fear murder and treason
The murder and treason most foul
I do not wish to visit the embassy
Where vipers wait
And not walk out of there again
I am the burning flame
Who disperses the walking shadow
I know my enemies are near
Wearing smiling masks
And speaking their honeyed words
Looking forward to my demise
My anxiety forces me to move
To strut and fret my coming hour
The hour where I walk the stage a final time
Past innocent flowers with serpents under them
I interrupt the man and remind him
That the gods will protect him
As will his knowledge and skills
His life experience and power of the craft
The Alfodr, the Great Mother
Would not let him into harm
Be smart, be quick
I advise him, what’s done is done
You are going to a better world
Free from the old anxieties
Safe from those that mean you harm
Or who vex you with their bad behavior
Come what come may
Time and the hour run through the roughest day
The man thanks me and returns home
To begin his preparations
As I sit down I close my eyes
And remember that the man I had counseled
Will have no harm come to him
There will be peace at last.