The Flow of Time
by Andres Diaz

The flow of time brings many things
Sometimes flowers, sometimes stings
It only moves forward not back
To change that fact requires a massive hack
The flow of time will always exist
Let me help you get the gist
In the beginning Earth was dust in space
After billions of years came the human race
It took time for us to evolve
But now we’ve created a problem we must solve
The climate isn’t going to fix itself
We need to protect our planet’s health
We need to do something about carbon emissions
Or our planet will lose its habitable conditions
When the planet goes, we’ll have nothing left
Then, soon after, of life our planet will be bereft
The flow of time moves ahead
Long after we, the humans, are long dead
Let us not speed our planet’s demise
By believing ignorant people’s lies
Climate change is very real
And is crushing us beneath its heel
We need to makes changes and save our existence
Before we all become the past tense.