An end and a beginning
by Andres Diaz ©2021

Much like Falstaff and Shallow
I, too, have heard the chimes at midnight
It is a time of reckoning
A time to decide
Whether we shall have peace
Or ravenous discord
My days and nights are plagued
By repetitive thoughts
That consume my very being
Thoughts of escape
From one who is a prisoner
The shadow overwhelms even the strongest
Thoughts of endings plague a fragile mind
The final release that smothers the future
But fight on I have
Never one to surrender
Grieving wounds
Shattered psyche
I would not give in
No matter the continuous abuse
Both verbal and mental
From unseen voices
Or nearby faces
I would not fall
Like a Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes
Like the snake, I will shed my old skin
I have climbed up the mountain of sorrows
And I call your name
I will let you see the true power
The true knowledge
The one true person you tried to destroy
Has beaten you
Has walked out of your world
Never to return
I took the pain you gave me
And used it to free myself
From your chains.