In my previous entry I shared how I discovered I was Goth. If you missed it, you can read it here.

After discovering the beautiful world of Goth, I began to search out Gothic music. The first three cd’s I bought were The Sisters of Mercy “First and Last and Always”, Bauhaus “Mask” and Christian Death “Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misericordiaque”. Oh, my, gods, I hated that Christian Death cd. It went bye bye. But back to the good stuff. So some background on my musical tastes at the time. I was hugely into heavy metal, especially thrash metal. I had also gotten into punk rock, which was forbidden to me when I was younger, 80’s New Wave and Classical music. I’ve always loved Classical music and I always will. So I was trying to figure out which one to listen to first. I narrowed it down to Bauhaus or The Sisters of Mercy. I was going to listen to Bauhaus first, because I had read that they were the first Goth band ever, but I decided to listen to the Sisters first. I put in my headphones, put the cd in my discman (remember those?) and fell in love! Even though I was really into loud and fast guitars, the melodies, rhythms and lyrics really gripped my heart strings. The Sisters of Mercy is one of the best bands ever and no one will ever change my mind.

So over time I got into Alien Sex Fiend, Switchblade Symphony and bought more Bauhaus and Sisters. A friend sent me a cd containing industrial music and I found myself falling in love with that too. In order to learn better what was available and out there I bought a lot of compilation cds, both Goth and Industrial as well as full albums. I’m a Goth that likes both Gothic and Industrial music. I don’t feel you have to choose just one style of music and stick to it. How boring is that?! And when it comes to music you can be Goth and listen to other types of music. There’s no “Goth Card” that someone can revoke on you. If anyone says you’re not Goth cause you listen to other types of music too, tell them to go fuck themselves! Now you do have to listen to and enjoy Gothic music to be Goth. Anyone can have an appreciation of dark things and the unknown, but part of being a Goth is the music too.

So going into other forms of music that I like that aren’t some variation of Goth or Industrial, I still like metal and punk. I still love 80’s New Wave. Classical music as I stated above. I also like different kinds of rock music, from hard rock to indie rock. I like world music, alternative rock, different forms of electronic music, some R&B and Pagan Rock (I am a witch after all). I also like Salsa and Merengue. It’s the music of my people in Puerto Rico. So you see, you can have eclectic taste in music and still be Goth! There will always be bullies in the scene that will question your “Gothness” based on what you listen to. Don’t waste your time on them, they’re just a miserable piece of shit that knows they’re beneath you and want to drag you down to their level. Listen to whatever you want and be happy! Thanks for reading! More Goth stuff to come!

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