The Ted Cruz Poem
by Andres Diaz

What the Hell?
You self hating Latino
You need to fucking go
You broke your oath
To the Constitution for growth?
Growth in a party of evil
With tortures of the medieval
Consorting with terrorist scum
Is that the only way you can cum?
You antagonized a mob
For an orange conman slob
You have the nerve to show your face
You need to sit in a new fucking space
Resign now you fucking tool
The Republican Party will never rule
Republicans like you nailed shut the lid
And soon enough, of you we’ll be rid
You ever apologize to your wife
For causing her such strife?
Letting that rapist pig call her a dog
And opening your cloaca for him like a mating frog
He disrespected your dad, said he killed JFK
Your defense of him sounds like a donkey’s bray
And what the fuck is up with that beard
It makes you look even more fucking weird
You went from looking like the killer of the Zodiac
To looking like the killer of the Kodiak
Now go and resign you fucking ghoul
You must have skipped Civics in your school
You are a seditionist pig
Who will never make it big
Your treason is out for all to see
Your future is flowing away like a toilet flushing pee.