It’s been three years and there is still this unmitigated hatred for Rian Johnson and I just don’t get it! Is it because Rian made a Star Wars movie that made you think? Is it because he made a Star Wars movie unlike the other movies that had come before? Is it because he introduced the awesome Rose Tico into the franchise? Is it because Holdo was given command after Ackbar died? Is it because he made Luke Skywalker a human being instead of an OP Marty Stu like he was in Legends? There’s all this bitching and pissing and moaning, saying, “If Rian Johnson directs an episode, he’ll ruin the Mandalorian!” No, it’s toxic “fans” like you that will ruin the Mandalorian, just like you’re ruining Star Wars! Besides, shouldn’t they be boycotting the Mandalorian because it’s Disney and Kathleen Kennedy is involved? Or do they think that Favreau and Filoni and Lucas have gone rogue and created a Star Wars show behind Lucasfilm’s back and can somehow release it on Disney+ without the Boss Mouse knowing about it? Come on!

So I am going to go through my above statements and clarify them, except for the Luke Skywalker one cause I already touched upon it here.

  1. All these little basement dwellers calling Rian Johnson a “beta”. Oh, you’re so strong and masculine whipping out the word beta! That’s the way to prove your worth, use misogyny, toxic masculinity and sexism to win the day! It’s so cute that you consider yourselves Alphas that I want to puke! Seriously, you ever touch a woman, with her giving you her permission to do so, first? You ever see a naked woman in real life? Maybe you all need to sit the fuck down and rethink your asshole behavior! Rian Johnson is an awesome writer and director and he works hard at what he does. He created a Star Wars movie unlike any other that could really help the franchise grow and expand, but you’re all mad cause Rose and Rey didn’t wear metal bikinis! GTFO of here with that shit.
  2. Rose Tico is awesome! She’s a mechanic who, given enough time and the proper parts and equipment, could make the Millennium Falcon factory new again! Another thing people don’t get about Rose Tico is that Rose is what Star Wars is all about. It’s not just space wizards with laser swords or spaceships blowing each other up, it’s about people helping people. It’s about love for your fellow sentient being, love for freedom, love for peace. It’s about never giving up even when the chips are down and you’ve been kicked out of your chair. Rose and Leia have that in common. Both lost people they loved, but instead of giving up and running away, both Rose and Leia chose to rise to the occasion and keep fighting. Unfortunately JJ Abrams and LFL/Disney decided that racist and misogynistic dirtbags were more important than the diverse fanbase they claim to embrace and sidelined Rose so much she was almost invisible in The Rise of Skywalker. Fuck you JJ, LFL/Disney for your enabling and siding with misogynistic racists, fuck you!
  3. It seems a lot of dumbasses have a problem with Vice Admiral Holdo being put in charge of the Resistance Fleet after Admiral Ackbar died. Why did they put Vice Admiral Holdo in charge? Because she’s a freaking VICE ADMIRAL! In the chain of command, if the commanding officer dies, the next highest ranking officer takes command. That’s how things work! It wasn’t SJW propaganda or the erasing of males or castration or whatever! As I stated in a previous post about dudebros whining about how they’re the target audience and they should have had Poe take command; why? Cause he’s got a dick? Poe doesn’t have the rank and a lot of people are not willing to follow him because of his attack on the Star Destroyer. Yeah, they destroyed it, but at the cost of the lives of experienced personnel, destruction of needed vessels and loss of necessary armanents. It was a risky move that could have failed spectacularly and ended the Resistance right then and there. Holdo was a steadier hand with more experience and more respect from the troops.
  4. Lastly, please find something better to do with your lives than trying to ruin Star Wars for everyone. All your hate, toxicity and manbaby nonsense almost ruined Star Wars for me, but you know what? I’m not letting you take Star Wars from me! I’ve been a fan since before Lucas added Episode IV: A New Hope to Star Wars and I will continue to be until the day that I die. Your hatred of Rian Johnson is stupid, your hatred of Disney and Kathleen Kennedy is too. If you hate the Mouse and KK so much why are you even watching The Mandalorian and the new stuff coming out? Just to try and piss on it cause it’s not legends? Some stuff from Legends was cool, but a lot of stuff sucked! Get a fucking life and let go of your LGBTQphobia, sexism, racism, misogyny and your other stupidity. Maybe then you’ll see how wrong and imbecile you’ve been!