As promised, here is my little spiel/rant about toy price gougers.

Star Wars Galactic Republic Celebrate the Saga Action Figure Set 5 Pack

I bought this for my son for his coming birthday and paid $24.99 on Amazon for this. Right now on Amazon they have one seller, selling this with a damaged package for about what I paid for it. But now you pretty much have to buy it from 3rd party sellers who have marked up the price to ridiculous amounts! The cheapest you can get it for is 49.00! That’s almost a 100% mark up! The most expensive is 59.95! Ridiculous! These people are price gouging and Amazon doesn’t care and they make it very difficult to report these people! On one of the Q&A on a Star Wars item, someone questioned why the item was so expensive and the person answered back because the item was very rare. Bullshit! The item just came out this year! Rare my ass! Any reason to jack up the cost! It makes it very difficult for parents to find Star Wars toys online at reasonable prices. I do Ebay sometimes, but even then, some of what these people are asking for is fucking ridiculous!

For example, I was looking for a Hot Wheels Starships Razor Crest for my son. I couldn’t find it at Walmart or Target near me so I searched online. Walmart usually has their HW SS toys for around $4.95 so I went to Amazon and the cheapest they had it was for 49.00! That’s like a 1000% mark up! They got some greedy balls to be marking stuff up that high! I eventually found one on Ebay for 12 something, so at least now he’s going to get it on his birthday.

I found figures, new in package from 20 years ago cheaper than figures that came out in the last 2 to 3 years. And I’m not talking about retail prices, I’m talking about these price gougers that are making it difficult to buy things for our kids. The five pack of Clone Troopers mentioned above, can also be purchased from Entertainment Earth for 29.99 as of this writing.

I get it, people want to make money, but some of these people are just greedy bastards.

Anyway, still not sure what Star Wars item I’ll be talking about next time. Keeping checking back and find out!