I’ve done other blog entries about Star Wars, here, here, here and here, so I hope you’ll like this one too. I really love Star Wars, when I’m feeling sad or depressed Star Wars always makes me feel better. Right now with everything going on with the pandemic and that fascist baboon defecating all over things, my mood has been way done. Thankfully, Joe won the election and he and Kamala will start fixing shit. I’m very political, in these times you have to be. In order for our country to survive and restore peace and sanity, you have to be political. Star Wars is very political, always has been! The OT is literally Antifa vs Fascism. I don’t know how anyone can miss that. A lot of these Star Wars posts will usually be random, I might skip from a paragraph about the PT, jump to the Mandalorian and then go back to Rebels. It’s just me talking about whatever pops in my head at the moment. So here we go!

Starting with the High Republic, even though it hasn’t come out yet, I wonder if we’ll get to see what happens in the Jedi Order that makes them so rigid and dogmatic like they were in the Prequels. Something tells me Yoda is going to be one of the Jedi that pushes for an Order that’s subservient to the Senate. I know this is weird to have a prediction about something that hasn’t come out yet, but I believe that at the end of the High Republic, Jedi Master Avar Kriss is going to sacrifice her life so that others may live. I just have a gut feeling.

On to the Knights of the Old Republic video games. Now I haven’t actually played the games, though if they’re compatible with my PS3, I’d love to play them. I have read up on them a lot though and I feel, even though the Canon has been reset, that Revan, Malek and the others from KOTOR and TOR games can be reinserted into Canon within roughly the same time period they occupied in the now Legends timeline, possibly with some slight alterations. I remember reading about how you can play Revan as either male or female and I was disappointed that they had Canonized Revan as male. It’s like how many freaking male protagonists does Star Wars need? It’s a goddamn sausage fest! Revan has kind of been quasi recanonized in The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, but when they do bring him back I hope they make him a she instead. There should be more female Sith Lords in Canon. Legends, there was a bunch, but now you only have Darth Zannah. I know all the horny dudebros want Darth Talon back. To me she was just a sexist wank fantasy meant for teenage boys who like to fill their socks with their baby making batter. Evil female Force users can be bad ass without looking like space hookers. Remember Ventress?

Right now that’s all I have. Next post I’ll be talking about Star Wars toys and the price gouging that online sellers do. I’m looking at you, Amazon! Stay tuned and May the Force be with you!