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Hello readers, as many of you may know I am a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid. I grew up when the OT was coming out in theaters and we didn’t even have the OG Thrawn books to entertain us. We had The Wookiee Storybook, The Maverick Moon and a couple of books with little records to keep us entertained. After Jedi, we had the Droids and the Ewoks cartoons and that was it for a long time. First off, I’m a fan of all Star Wars. And I mean, ALL STAR WARS! The Prequels, the Sequels, the OT, the comics, the Legends novels, ALL OF IT! It really offends me all the bashing and the condescending attitudes that goes on in this community. Also the sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and racism among a certain portion of the community is disgusting! Star Wars is about hope and love and standing up for the downtrodden. Star Wars is about doing what’s right even in the face of overwhelming opposition. Star Wars is for everybody, not just heterosexual, cisgender, white males. I was extremely offended when I watched a video who said that Disney Star Wars was forgetting who their audience was when they had Admiral Holdo in charge after Admiral Ackbar’s death. Target audience? It’s like, dude, you’re Asian, the dude bros don’t consider you their equal, why are you trying to suck up to them?

So this post (and many others like it) is going to be dealing with my thoughts and feelings regarding various Star Wars properties, movies, books, toys, etc. Because of the toxic nature of certain people in the fandom I will not be allowing comments on these posts. I apologize to the cool kids that really do love Star Wars and know what it really is about, if this causes you any inconvenience. And so, it begins:

Right now all the dudebros are back to worshipping George Lucas, the man that raped their childhoods by making the Special Editions and unleashing Jar Jar Binks on the world. Now that he sold Star Wars to Disney, he is coming back to take over if you believe the 20,000 clickbait articles and 40 minute dudebro videos. George left Lucasfilm in the extremely capable hands of Kathleen Kennedy, a very smart and experienced businessperson who has really helped the Star Wars brand to grow. But to the dudebros she is the scary boogeyman, who is going to take Star Wars away from the white boys and give it to those icky girls with their cooties and those boys who aren’t the same color as them. The horror! The constant calls to give complete control of Star Wars to Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau and fire KK are ridiculous and show that sexism is alive and well in the Fandom Menace! Men can do everything right and women need to be in the office ironing and cooking dinner when the tired directors come back in? Bullshit! Women are equal to men, women can do just as good as men and increasing representation of POC, LGBTQ and women only makes the product better, it doesn’t diminish it in any way. Any one that thinks the lessening of hetero, cis, white males is ruining Star Wars is a complete asshole and should let us have Star Wars and start your own Nazi in space franchise and leave us the fuck alone!

Last thing for this post: I couldn’t stand Jar Jar Binks when I first saw him. I thought he really pulled The Phantom Menace down. Now, 20 years later, my perspective has changed. It may be that (most) people change as we grow older, it may be I have a little one that is at the age where I can now introduce him to the movies, not just Rebels and Clone Wars, that I’m starting to revisit all of Star Wars, even the things I used to not like. I have to say that Jar Jar is really not that bad. Yes, he can be annoying AF sometimes, but who doesn’t have that one friend that’s really annoying, or corny, or clowns around just a little too hard? If you look at Jar Jar in Episode 1, he’s actually pretty gutsy for taking the Jedi back to his home city to get help. He just got banished and knew if he went back he’d be executed, but he went back any way because he knew the Jedi needed help and the best help in his mind was the Gungans and their army. Later on during the Clone Wars, when Jar Jar accompanied Padme to Rodia and she was captured, Jar Jar went out to rescue Padme, despite the fact that there were battle droids and that giant underwater creature in his way. He could have hid, he could have run away, but he didn’t. This shows you Jar Jar’s strength of character and loyalty to his friends. This in my opinion makes Jar Jar a good person and brave.

Another episode I feel shows how good of a person Jar Jar is, is the one where Bail Organa is trying to sneak relief supplies off of Toydaria and send them to Ryloth. The Trade Federation is not having it, so Bail asks Jar Jar for his help. During a dinner, Jar Jar, who has been briefed on the plan, springs into action distracting the Trade Federation and Toydarians with a juggling act that allows the Republic ships to leave the planet. Jar Jar showed no hesitation in helping the Republic and was able to keep the plan a secret. His clowning around and everyone underestimating him paid off in dividends. Jar Jar is much smarter than he appears and acts and that’s why he’s started to grow on me.

So this is it for now. I’ll be posting more blog entries soon about Star Wars. I hope you’ll subscribe to this blog or check back and visit us often. On an unrelated note, I also write science fiction, nothing like Star Wars though, if you want you can check out my Payhip store here and make purchases. Thanks for reading and peace!

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