You are not Pro-Life

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

You’re not Pro-Life

You’re only Pro-Birth

Your lack of understanding 

Is a sad thing on Earth

Every baby should be born

You scream and shout

But you don’t want to help them

Once they are out

You don’t want to pay

For programs of health

You only care about

Your personal wealth

You don’t even care

About fetuses at all

You just want to control women

With a legislative wall

Birth control pills have many uses

Not just for having sex

Unlike your Viagra

For when your boner wrecks

If you don’t have ovaries

You shouldn’t make the rules

About women’s bodies

You stupid controlling fools

What if your spouse or daughter

Needed the help that you banned

You’ll show you’re a hypocrite

And totally change your stand

You’ll only be pro-choice

For someone you know

Because a woman that’s a stranger

You consider her a ho

You have no respect for women

That much is clear

It’s amazing your spouses

Haven’t thrown you out on your rear

Do us all a favor

And please step down

Women deserve better

Than to be represented by a clown.

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