Below is an excerpt from

Strangers from the Sky: A Medlow Staur adventure by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2018, 2019 All rights reserved.

My next step was to look for what I needed most, clothing and supplies. There was a sign over one of the doors in seven languages. I was able to translate one of the languages as “Property Room”.
I opened the door and expected to find a closet. Instead I found stairs leading down into a basement. 

Thankfully my mask was still working so I was able to see perfectly clear. In the basement I found that there were close to one hundred boxes down there. Each box had a sheet of paper on it with the amount of money the person, or persons, had to pay the landlord to get their stuff back. I went through every box hoping to find stuff I could use. Most of the boxes were stuff that belonged to humans, but some stuff was just so weird I couldn’t describe it. One of the boxes contained homemade bombs and remote detonators. I didn’t know what kind of a psychopath would have needed that stuff, or how dimwitted the landlord was for keeping that stuff here. I guess it is true, there are stupid people everywhere. 

Thankfully, the next few boxes were property belonging to saner folk. I grabbed a duffel bag I found and stuffed it with the clothes, boots, toiletries and other supplies I thought I’d need. Before I left I checked out a metal cabinet I saw off against the far wall. Inside of it I found a box of Hyperion Power Gloves. They were actually gauntlets that allowed someone to bend steel bars or crush bricks with one hand. They usually sell for fifteen thousand credits, so there was no way I was passing them up. I made a mental note to come back and grab them when I was done getting out of this mess. Also inside were some repair kits for various types of electronics. They would be handy to have once I got out of this town. 

The last things that I grabbed were a long, brown duster coat and a wide brimmed hat I found hanging on a coat rack. Once I grabbed everything I needed, I headed upstairs to the second floor.

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