So, a while back when Episode 2 of The Mandalorian came out, I remember someone commented on a post about the episode, how it was impossible for the Jawas of Arvala 7 to have a sand crawler and how it was equally impossible for them to have a sand crawler built to their specific physical dimensions.

Really? Well let me break this down. Firstly, does this person think a company which had been in the mining industry for hundreds, if not thousands of years, just built a new vehicle and dropped them all over Tatooine and never built them again? If you’re running an interplanetary mining company, you’re going to use existing equipment that has been field tested on countless worlds. I’m sure there have been hundreds of thousands of sand crawlers peppered all over the galaxy, throughout its history.

It makes perfect sense that Arvala 7, being a desert planet like Tatooine, would have sand crawlers. I’m sure there was a mining operation there too! Also, why stop making a vehicle if it works? Why would a company stop making a vehicle that is bringing them in countless credits? As far as the cockpit goes, does anyone even think that a race of scavengers who (barely) repair droids and salvage equipment and have kept the sand crawlers running, can’t retrofit a cockpit designed for average height humanoids to better suit their physical dimensions? You think the sand crawler people are just like, “Let’s make a sand crawler for Jawas! They can pay us in droids with bad motivators and stolen equipment. Not to mention those yummy Mudhorn eggs!”

Sometimes people just want to bitch about stuff, sometimes they take Space Wizard movies way to seriously! There’s always an explanation if you think about it. I hope this explained something that didn’t need explaining. Thanks for reading and check out the rest of my blog!

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