So fucking sick of Sequel Trilogy Haters! Someone posts on Instagram how the wrong button is being pushed to activate Luke’s lightsaber and it turns into a free for all of sequel hate and Disney ruined StarWars. First off, how closely are you watching the movies to see and make sure the correct button is being pressed to activate the lightsaber?! Secondly, who fucking cares?! If they got it wrong, they got it wrong, move on with your life! Secondly, you hate the sequels, big deal, do you have to spend every waking second pounding your point into the ground?! Why so much hatred towards something you would never have been involved with or would have had anyone come to you for your opinion? Star Wars is for everybody, not just people that feel they’re entitled to it or “own” the product. Crying that George Lucas needs to come back and save Star Wars. He sold Star Wars because of idiots that constantly nitpicked his every move and choice. He got sick of the toxicity and hate and decided to move on with his life. The sequels had a lot of problems, don’t get me wrong, but they’re still Star Wars and I still like them! I like all Star Wars and am sick and tired of being unable to try to research new stuff, or old stuff I skipped over without running into a screaming wall of toxicity and hatred for anything that deviates from the narrow confines of how some StarWars “fans” think Star Wars should be! I’m just tired of it man! Just fuck off toxic fans, fuck off.

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