My last poem for 2019 and boy, it’s a doozy!

17 Years Ago…
by Andres Diaz

17 years ago you stupid bitch
You and your flunkies threw me in a ditch
Your friends, your ex, your delusions, your mess
I thought I was in love with you, I must confess
You played with my heart and with my head
When you dropped me, I wanted to be dead
You crushed my spirit and my mind
How could I find myself when I went blind?
You got me so stressed out I chose to self harm
By giving myself cigarette burns on my arm
I fucking hate you for what you did to me
I’d love to fill your mouth with my pee
Take your free visions and shove them up your ass
This is for you lighting me with gas
I’m so glad I never got with you
If I was blue before, it’d be worse living under your shoe
You can dance all you want on the glass
But it will shatter and shred your ass
So have a Happy New Year you fucking bitch
I know I will without a hitch!

This is the last time I will deal with this negativity from long ago. I had a horrible New Year’s Eve which turned into a horrible experience losing my job and thankfully I got a new job not long after. People who I thought were my friends, people that didn’t even know me and someone I thought I was in love with all took turns stabbing me in the back! I survived their negativity and am blessed that they are gone from my world. It’s onward and upward and I will no longer hold the negativity I feel towards New Year’s Eve again! So mote it be!

Andres Diaz
Albany, NY

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