I posted this to Twitter this morning, 11/28/19.

#TheThingsImNotThankfulFor all the people bitching about #TheLastJedi and “how horrible it was” and “how it ruined #StarWars”. I’m sick of all the hate being directed at #Disney, #KathleenKennedy and #RianJohnson. Were there things that could have been better? Yes, there could have been. But to go on some foaming at the mouth, rage about it, attacking anyone or everything that disagrees with you is absurd. It’s a movie! I love Star Wars just as much as anyone, but to force actors off of social media because there are girls in Star Wars as main characters doing heroic things and being front and center is terminally abysmal behavior! Did you forget about Padme or Leia? Both were very bad ass, just like Rey and Rose are! You think it’s easy keeping your head up and fighting when everyone you know and love is dying around you? And then everyone who feels betrayed because “they ruined Luke Skywalker”. Pfft, GTFO! The Luke in TLJ is not the same Luke we saw at the end of #ReturnoftheJedi. After Return, Luke had all these youthful, hopeful dreams about restarting the Jedi order. He traveled the galaxy looking for artifacts, texts and people that were around during the heyday of the Jedi Order. In his search he found out the truth about how Darth Sideous instigated the Clone Wars as a way to destroy the Jedi. How blind and egotistical the Jedi were to their coming demise. This really dampened Luke’s enthusiasm for his task and sowed seeds of doubt in his mind. Is recreating the Jedi Order a good idea? Should I even be doing this at all? Luke’s judgement started to get clouded by fear and doubt. He remembered Yoda’s words, “Fear is the path to the dark side.” Luke had to be asking himself, “What if I create a new Jedi Order and it turns into a new darkness to plague the galaxy, like the Sith of long ago?” Luke then begins monitoring his students more closely, particularly Ben, because Ben is a descendant of Anakin Skywalker. Afraid that his family will always produce Darth Vaders, Luke decides to take action and strike Ben down. As he hesitates, Ben wakes up, escapes and returns to destroy everything Luke ever loved. The now Kylo Ren has destroyed the Jedi Order yet again, causing Luke to run away to Ahch-To, a planet where the Jedi lived and stored their sacred texts. At this point Luke is angry and bitter. He feels betrayed, not just by his feelings, not just by his hopes, but by the Jedi of old. He no longer wants anything to do with the Jedi or the galaxy at large. He basically hates everything, hates everyone and wants to be left alone. And most of all, he hates himself for his failings. Luke in TLJ is an extremely depressed man. As someone who suffers from depression, I know. TLJ did not ruin #LukeSkywalker. It showed us an older, more mature Luke that had a galaxy sized chunk of f*** you dropped on his head.

On a side note, I like how Luke’s school and students were in tents, trying to get back to the, Jedi should be closer to nature and the Will of the Force, rather than building a new Jedi Temple or reopening the one on Coruscant, which I believe got turned into the Imperial Palace by Palpatine. So anyway, rant over. If you feel the need to comment, please be respectful of me and any other commenters. No hate here, please. Thanks!

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