A Favor For A Friend (Part Three)

A Favor For A Friend (Part Three) by Andres Diaz ©2019

As Inanna and Dr. Frankenstein drove towards the doctor’s laboratory, Inanna turned to him and asked,

“Can I ask you a possibly uncomfortable topic?”

“Why they call me the Frankenstein monster?” Vincent asked. Inanna nodded her head.

“I’m sure, reading books about me, or watching TV or movies, you think I’m supposed to be a brutish, unintelligible, murder machine. People have this view of me that couldn’t be farther from the truth,” said Vincent.

“You see, when I was created, I was physical perfect. My skeletal, cardiovascular and nervous systems were perfect. My brain perfectly healthy, with no chemical imbalances at all. My father Victor Frankenstein was amazed at me. We spent many nights discussing philosophy, science, music and even art. Unfortunately, his amazement grew to disgust and outright hatred.”

“Why?” Inanna asked with concern in her voice.

“You see,” began Vincent. “He asked me to help him build a mate for me. One that I could impregnate and create a race of beings that would upend the social order and usher in a new age of mankind. I informed him that I would do no such thing. I was a homosexual and would not lie with any woman.”

“So your creator turned against you because you’re gay?” Inanna asked. She reached over and dabbed a tear that was running down Vincent’s cheek. He said thank you and continued on with his story.

“He attempted to murder me and when I wouldn’t die, he drove me from the house. Leaving his hand in my creation out of the story, he told others I was a monster and needed to be destroyed. I was hunted mercilessly, but I was too good at hiding. Besides, looking like a normal man, I was able to hide in plain sight without attracting attention.

Eventually, people stopped looking for me, but Victor did not. He followed me to the ends of the Earth. Eventually he chased me to the arctic, where he died on board a ship. I was there with him in his final moments. He still shunned me until the end.”

To be continued…

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