Goth and Proud!

by Andres Diaz ©2019

I’m not the day

I am the night

I’m the Goth guy

That fills you with fright

You think I should wear

Blue jeans and country music tees

You think wearing all black

Is some kind of a disease

I don’t care about your misconceptions

Or your fears and insecurities

I’m not here to please you

It’s my patience, from which you take liberties

I’m not you and I am glad

I’d rather not be a scared adult child

You may think this scolding has been harsh

But I assure you, it has been quite mild

So with utmost haste pull your head from your ass

People are varied and different than you

So pull up your big girl pants

And learn what to do

Open your mind and open your eyes

Understand that wearing all black isn’t a bad thing

Goths are awesome people and better than you

We’re not judgemental and idiotic like the prejudice you bring

So get a clue or fuck right off

I’m not here to make you happy

I’m here for me and me alone

Now get lost before my hands get slappy!

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