It’s not going to eat itself by Andres Diaz ©2019

The young girl sat on the seat in the subway car as the train sped down the track. She was so scared she couldn’t move. She wanted to run but was afraid he would grab her and hurt her. He stood in front of her, leering at her and rubbing his crotch. He unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out. He moved towards her and said, “It ain’t gonna suck itself.”

The man was suddenly pulled back, away from the girl by a very tall woman. She slammed her knee into the guy’s nuts and slammed him into the seats opposite the girl. She kicked him in the face and pressed the bottom of her high heeled shoe into his face. With his head firmly pinned between the woman’s shoe and the window, she pulled up her short skirt. Reaching between her legs, she pulled aside her underwear, exposing her vulva to the man.

“It’s not going to eat itself,” she said with contempt in her voice. The man looked disgusted and tried to squeeze his head out from under the woman’s boot. As the train came into the station, the girl looked out the window with relief as she saw her brother and her cousins standing on the platform waiting for her.

She became confused when she saw her cousin, who everyone called Gigante, nod at the woman who had rescued her. She nodded back and as the train stopped and the doors opened, threw the man to Gigante, who proceeded to start pounding on the man and screaming at him. The girl ran into the arms of her brother and other cousins as the doors of the train closed and it continued on its way to the next station.

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